ZH Builders Pte Ltd

Our founder who has sufficient experience over 30 years in the construction industry, With his guidance, the management team is able to lead the company towards a bright future and is able to obtain confidence from all the stakeholders.

These milestones are a testament to our commitment to providing a safe
and healthy work environment, without compromising our quality.

Our Core Values

Cooperation with you

With a combination of passion, knowledge and experience, the team is focused on providing tailored building and construction needs for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Growing with you

Here in ZH Builders Pte Ltd, we believe in uprightness; Our core values of transparency and trustworthiness.

Value for money

Our team of dedicated and friendly consultants, always striving to give client’s a peace of mind with their creative and swift execution of customised projects, coupled with prompt delivery and effective results.


Working Days of Our Company

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